Owl Tattoos Upper Back

Owl Tattoos Upper Back. Upper back tattoos are becoming very prominent these days because of many reasons. If we will look at Ancient Greece, an owl is the Guardian of Acropolis and symbolizes wisdom.

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140 Awesome Designs of Tattoos for Women - BigShocking (Ray Byrd)
There's the connecting circles and triangles, with another owl figure overseeing the real owl in flight. The upper back lends itself well to Asian themed tattoos such as Chinese writing, dragons or yin yang tattoos. This area of the body is often used for larger pieces of body art.

While lion, wolf and eagle tattoos seem more masculine, owl tattoos for men represent knowledge, intelligence, magic and mystery.

Old School Owl Tattoos - Owls lend themselves well to the old school style.

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Man Grey ink graffiti tattoo on upperback. Tattoos on this particular area are most fashionable and they look simply great. Flying Owl Tattoo - Owls do fly and you can use this in a flying owl tattoo design.