Crotch Tattoo

Crotch Tattoo. Description: Any noticeable patterns / emblems on the area between the lower abdomen and the crotch. The power cord stretches round his back.

Crotch Tattoos
Crotch Tattoos (Lucinda Conner)
The power cord stretches round his back. Many individuals who are new to tattoos would start with an Anchor Tattoo. Want to discover art related to crotch_tattoo?

Kim already has a small tattoo peaking out of her underwear on her hip bone.

Commonly seen as a religious symbol, the cross can actually symbolize a variety of things for different people.


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Black House Tattoo - Best tattoo studio in Prague. I don't know how else to say this, so I'll jump right in: Frasier-star Kelsey Grammer got his wife's name (Kayte). Anime & Manga Other. crotch tattoo.