Owl Heart Tattoo Meaning

Admin September 30, 2020

Owl Heart Tattoo Meaning. Owls are sentinels of the night, and are infinitely comfortable with the realm of unknown. Owl tattoos are attractive and can carry different meanings and symbolism, which include wisdom, knowledge, vision and a lot more.

40 Cool Owl Tattoo Design Ideas (With Meanings)
40 Cool Owl Tattoo Design Ideas (With Meanings) (David Erickson)
Get more owl meaning and symbolism for owl tattoo ideas here. Since the owl can see what others are not able to, it is the heart of true wisdom. The silhouette of a sitting owl is almost always an oval with two peaks on the head for ears.

Many cultures see owls as a symbol of great life transitions, meaning important things are on the verge of happening.

Each tattoo usually gives out a very personal meaning which sometimes is difficult to decipher unless you converse with the owner.

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We also have researched the meanings of the owl tattoo. Heart tattoo 💜 designs really look wonderful when etched on body. On the one hand, it can mean that you are cold-hearted: you are unable.

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