Zelda Tattoo

Zelda Tattoo. Zelda tattoos grant immense mystique to legions of Nintendo players everywhere. We decided that our first tattoos would be gotten together, and they would be the same thing.

*Zelda*.tattoo by PaCii8 on DeviantArt
*Zelda*.tattoo by PaCii8 on DeviantArt (Harry Wilkerson)
Today Kids will never understand the legacy of Zelda games. Got my first tattoo, wanting to get a full Zelda sleeve but i have to. There are many things that unite us - but one of the sweetest and silliest is our love for the Legend of Zelda.

You don't neccessarily need to keep your style true to the game if you don't want to.

Maybe you will come away with a few.

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I've been wanting a Sheikah symbol (from Zelda) forever. The background colors … Zelda Lower Back Tattoo. These are the coolest Zelda tattoos on the Internet.

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