Inner Lip Tattoo

Inner Lip Tattoo. Inner lip tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos as said earlier. Welcome to the wonderful world of inner lip tattoos!

Lip Tattoos
Lip Tattoos (Max Gonzalez)
A tattoo is a major (as in, lifelong) commitment, so if you're going to put a permanent mark on your body And if you're looking for a tat that's super secret, the inner-lip tattoo might just be your answer. Inner lip tattoos are tattoos done on the interior of the mouth on the lower lip. Lip tattoos are a growing trend though they are still not very common.

A lip tattoo cannot be permanent because of the nature of the cells found in the area.

The mucosal cells in your mouth are constantly renewing and shedding, much more than any other.

Lip Tattoos

59 Painfully Cool Inner Lip Tattoos | Temporary Tattoo Blog

59 Painfully Cool Inner Lip Tattoos | Temporary Tattoo Blog

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59 Painfully Cool Inner Lip Tattoos | Temporary Tattoo Blog

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As inner lip tattoos technically need a lot of touching up, we'd recommend just letting it fade so you don't get an infection. They are commonly tattooed with words or phrases and even small designs. For more crazy tattoo ideas, visit Design Press now!

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