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Hand Poke. Detailed steps for the beginner DIY tattoo artist. Includes tips for tattoo technique and safety.

How To: Hand Poked Tattoos - YouTube
How To: Hand Poked Tattoos - YouTube (Tommy Sanders)
Stick and poke tattoos, also called hand poked tattoos, homemade tattoos or DIY tattoos, can be done by anyone taking the right precautions and using the proper tattoo tools. Step by step guide on how to stick and poke tattoo. It's not just underground versus mainstream, but thinking about what kind of tattoo you want.

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Artists that do hand poked tattoos Tattoo Artist: Ann Pokes · Anya Barsukova.

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Tatered. "Hand poke tattoos are very distinctive in their look, different styles can be achieved with the technique but there is no mistaking a hand poked tattoo against a machine tattoo. Body parts: Forearm > Inner Forearm. Tags: categories, Illustrative, Hand Poked, Nature, Flowers, Tropical, Plumeria · Frangipani, Patriotic, Laos.

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