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Divergent Tattoo. While the citizens of the Dauntless faction in "Divergent" love a good death-defying leap, they're equally passionate about something a little more benign: tattoos. Divergent Factions Symbols Divergent Film Divergent Drawings Divergent Memes Divergent Fandom Divergent Dauntless Divergent Insurgent Allegiant Divergent Fanfiction Insurgent Quotes.

1pcs=12 Patterns Divergent Tattoo Freedom Fly Birds Tattoo ...
1pcs=12 Patterns Divergent Tattoo Freedom Fly Birds Tattoo ... (Georgie Gross)
A long while ago I saw the Divergent movie, and having loved the books, decided I would ask one of my friends (poor sucker) if I could replicate Four's back tattoo in a fit of boredom. The Divergent quotes below all refer to the symbol of Tattoos. UPDATE: Turns out, Ellie's tattoo was for her "Beating Hearts" music video!

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Fic Type: Eric Coulter x Reader, Tattoo Artist!

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That tattoo tho>

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So, no, that flock of birds isn't permanent, but it still looks. Things might be kind of dicey in the futuristic world of "Divergent," but in the movie, at least, one "They refer to them in the movie as blood tattoos," Wilder said. "There's a scene in there where [Tris]. Description: Black temporary tattoos from divergent.

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