Ariana Grande New Tattoo

Ariana Grande New Tattoo. Former Nickelodeon princess Ariana Grande recently got her second tattoo. Ariana Grande got a new tattoo in Japanese, and unfortunately she missed out on a few essential characters.

MEET ARIANA'S NEW TATTOO - BocaNews #2 | Ariana Grande Amino
MEET ARIANA'S NEW TATTOO - BocaNews #2 | Ariana Grande Amino (Rosalie Barnett)
Too bad pop star Ariana Grande is vegan - she just tattooed an accidental homage to a Japanese barbecue grill on her palm. At worst, she's made the tattoo worse. Used in context with video and audio-content on the website.

Ariana Grande's Tattoos: A Guide To The 'Thank U, Next' Singer's Body Art. 'Girls with tattoos who like getting in trouble'.

The 'Thank U, Next' singer posted a selfie counting down to the release of her new single, 'Stuck With U' featuring Justin Bieber, and revealed two stunning new butterfly tattoos.

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Ariana Grande New Tattoo

Ariana Grande might have declared herself a girl with tattoos who like getting in trouble, but it looks like a little bit of ink wasn't enough for the superstar after she debuted some serious new body decór on Instagram. The "Thank u, Next" singer posted about her new ink on Instagram and revealed that she'd been wanting it for a long time now. The two characters she got spelled the word "shichirin," which translates to little barbecue grill.

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