Ankh Tattoo

Ankh Tattoo. Ankh tattoo ideas and Ankh tattoo symbols look very unique, mysterious & they have that antique vibe to them! These clean, matching black and gray tattoos use precise application and a well planned composition to perfectly create stylized versions of two of Egypt's most powerful gods.

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Ankh tattoos for example, consist of an ancient symbol that's imbued with magical protection. The Ankh tattoo is one of the most popular Egyptian tattoos in the world for a variety of reasons. Discover thousands of free Ankh Tattoos & designs.

The ancient Egyptian ankh tattoos are famous and meaningful, used in many different designs and styles all over the world.

The ankh is a cross symbol that predates the Christian cross by several thousand years.

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A simple, solid color ankh is the most basic Egyptian Ankh tattoo possible. Women who are considered to be the life-giving force in the world. Ankh tattoo means life or different things that availed a lot to the beginner of life.

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